AblePay Health was founded with one basic mission, to offer a simple solution to the very large problem of the increasing cost of healthcare in the United States. 

It’s no secret that rising insurance costs have led to plans with higher deductibles, meaning that most Americans are now faced with greater out of pocket expenses for medical services and treatment.

Having spent many years in the healthcare arena, our leadership team witnessed first-hand the struggles that both medical providers and patients faced with no solution to bridge that gap. This was the genesis of AblePay Health.

AblePay Health was founded in 2016 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania by the President and Chief Executive Officer, John Fistner. 

We establish agreements with large healthcare providers in order to offer AblePay as a no-cost benefit that offers savings and flexible payment terms for members of the surrounding community.

Whether you receive health insurance benefits through your employer or go on the exchange to obtain coverage, AblePay could help you save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on your medical bills.

Our business model works to the benefit of both the provider and consumer and is the proverbial “win/win” for all involved.

An AblePay Health membership is available to anyone. We work with employers, insurance brokers, and benefit administrators to offer membership to large groups and entire work teams, as well as, individuals who wish to save money but don’t have access through one of these avenues.

Find out how we can start saving you money on higher deductibles and co-insurance today!