Healthcare providers and their patients benefit from our unique patient engagement platform.


Using our proprietary mix of savings, flexibility, advocacy, and convenience, AblePay provides patients with payment options to address their out-of-pocket medical expenses, reducing their financial stress and improving overall financial wellness.


Improving the patient's ability and propensity to pay allows us to remove medical providers from the billing process and the associated costs of collecting on the patient's responsibility. Lower costs and guaranteed payments mean better financials for providers while improving the overall patient experience.


In addition, health insurance brokers can share our program with their clients as an added value and assist in diffusing rising costs as employers are forced to shift more of the financial burden to the employee.


You quickly start to see how AblePay Health can be the common denominator in strengthening the relationship between providers and their patients while improving the financial outcomes for both.


Regardless of the relationship, everyone wins with AblePay Health!