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Don't take our word for it. See what your friends, neighbors, and

co-workers have to say about AblePay Health.


Eric explains how AblePay helps everyone in the community
AblePay Helped Me Have a Baby
Dan discusses how AblePay helped his family during a recent surgery
Central Penn Business Group on Health discusses the value of AblePay
APH Members Matthew and Erica Potter
Lisa Betz - Victaulic
APH Member Peter Woodhouse (Part 2)
APH Member George Sanchez (Part 2)
Kate Curcio - AblePay saves time

Patti W.

"I found out about AblePay through my employer. It is a wonderful program and very easy to use the portal. If you want to save money on medical bills, and who wouldn't, sign up for AblePay! It is very easy to sign up for the program and you receive your card in the mail very quickly. Whenever I have a question for the staff at I have always received a timely response. The great thing about Able Pay is you never have to call any of the medical facilities with a question on your bill. The able pay staff does that for you, and they are awesome at it!  You also have a record of ALL your payments on the portal. "

George S. 

"I really like it, I'm saving money with it, and I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to use this!"

Lisa B.

"AblePay has been a great partner to work with and was really well received by the employees."

Melissa H. 

"I have used AblePay two times and it is a dream. I love saving money on health care costs. And it has been so easy. I will happily be an AblePay advocate."

Rose A.

"So far in 2018, I've saved approximately $650 just from using AblePay. I am so thankful that a coworker told me about it. I was very skeptical at first and called to speak with Ryan. He answered all of my questions. All of my email interactions with Val have been great! I have been singing their praises and recommending AblePay to anyone I can!"

Matthew & Erica Potter

"We've made some difficult times a little easier working with AblePay."

Peter W.

"AblePay came to my employer, explained the program and I signed up immediately. I needed an operation, and if I didn’t have AblePay I would have been postponing and postponing."

Dawn and Mark Sellers

"I was asked to provide a testimonial for the AblePay office in Bethlehem. We have been members for about 2 and a half years and have been so happy with the whole concept and the agency service and not just because of the money saved on my medical claims. This year was especially trying as I had some serious health concerns and much higher medical bills than usual. Nicole Schoenen has provided such excellent service and shown patience and understanding that is always above and beyond what I could have hoped for! She and the other staff helped me a number of times when I couldn’t get into the portal or wasn’t able to find my upcoming claims. They also explained EOBs and reached out to the billing office of my primary care physician when there was an error on my husband’s claim. I know we have saved hundreds of dollars and would definitely recommend AblePay to help manage your medical bills."

Robert E. Fulcher

"AblePay is great! I found out about the program and very happy I enrolled. The whole process was very easy and saves you money...You got to love that."


"I had an issue with a diagnostic bill that was extremely expensive and they kept on sending it to me over and over and the people at AblePay took care of it for me and the discount was substantial. I can't say enough about Nicole and Valerie who answered all my many emails immediately and put my mind at ease. Tiffany also helped when I received the same bill once again just recently. Thank you very much for the professionalism and superb service. I wish all businesses acted like AblePay."

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