AblePay Health Members can save up to 13% on deductibles and coinsurance. Our Members can still save money, even if they are unable to take advantage of the highest discount percentage. We even offer a 12 payment option, in which you won't receive a discount but you don’t have to stress over how you are going to make a payment. 



Every Member is faced with different financial circumstances, so we offer a variety of payment terms and methods that make the most sense for their specific needs. You are in control, deciding on every claim what makes the most sense for you financially. We also make it easy by accepting bank accounts (ACH), credit/debit cards, and health payment products (HSA, HRA, and FSA). You decide how and when you wish to pay every claim!


As an AblePay Member, we are here to assist you.  Having spent years in the healthcare industry, we are “insiders” when it comes to getting things done.  Our claims experts are available to help with questions regarding payment, issues on a bill, or just seeking information prior to, or after, medical care. We are just a phone call away. We work for our Members!



All medical claims are stored in the Member Portal, eliminating stacks of paper and providing easy access. Claims can be viewed directly on the Member Portal and paid electronically. With a few clicks of a button, our Members have access to their medical bills, easy payment options, and can change their account all in once place.