Once received, present your AblePay card along with your health insurance card whenever you seek medical treatment. Upon registration, ask your medical provider to enter your AblePay information as a secondary or tertiary, triggering their system to send us your invoice. 

Your claim will first be sent to your insurance carrier for processing and you will still receive your explanation of benefits (EOB) as it occurs now. 

Instead of receiving a bill from the provider for the portion you owe, you will receive an email from AblePay informing you of a new claim and asking that you visit your member portal. 

After logging into your member portal, you can view your claim and decide how you want to pay your bill.  You have the flexibility of deciding what payment method and term fits your current financial needs…ON EVERY CLAIM!


You decide how much you want to save and which payment term and method you want to use to pay your bill. 

Simple Health Savings!