At participating providers, your AblePay Health benefits are guaranteed when you show your AblePay card at time of service. You can receive up to 13% in savings, make flexible payments over time up to 12 months (all with savings or 0% interest) and view your claim in the member portal. We encourage you to utilize your AblePay card at these providers, as this is where you will receive the most benefit as a member. 

At “non-participating” providers that are not listed below, we encourage you to present your AblePay Health card at the time of service. Request the provider to put AblePay Health in as “secondary” or "tertiary" (depending on your insurance) and explain that this is how you will make your payment. While we cannot guarantee a discount, your claim will be sent to us and we will attempt to negotiate the bill on your behalf. If we are successful, the claim will flow into your portal just like a participating provider. If we are not successful, you can pay via a bank account at no cost or credit/debit card with a 3% fee, or we can deny the claim and you can pay it directly to the provider.