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Enrolling is easy! Simply click the ENROLL NOW button and in less than 5 minutes you have the comfort of knowing that you, and anyone you want to be financially responsible for are covered by the benefits that every AblePay member enjoys.

You can add anyone to your account such as a spouse, children, parents, or even friends.

Since your AblePay savings apply after the insurance process is completed, anyone is eligible regardless of how they obtain their healthcare benefits. Additional members do not have to be on your insurance plan, nor does it matter who their insurance carrier is.


Just like at a hotel for incidentals, AblePay requires a payment method when you enroll. You will enter a default payment method and term that meets your needs. AblePay will never charge your payment method unless you use your card for a healthcare service.


We make it easy by accepting checking, savings, health savings accounts (HSA), health reimbursement agreements (HRA), flexible spending accounts (FSA), and all major credit or debit cards.


You have the flexibility to make changes on every claim based on your current financial needs. 

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